Skills and Occupations

Skills in Demand by Industry

Information on the top skills credentials in demand by industry.

Median Income by Occupation

Data on the top 5 highest and lowest occupations by median income and by major occupational group in Nova Scotia

Occupations in Demand (Outlook)

This page highlights the occupations with the most promising outlook over the 2022-2024 period.

Occupations in Demand by Education Level

This page features the in-demand occupations by skill level for the 2021-2023 period.

Skills in Demand by Education Level

Explore skills in demand in 2022 organized by education level (NOC TEER level).

Skills in Demand by Occupation

Information on the top 10 skills and credentials in demand by occupational category.

Skills by Education Program Area of Study

This page highlights the top skills associated with an education program area.

Occupational Demand Outside of Halifax

This page highlights the in-demand opportunities outside of the Halifax region for the 2022-2024 outlook period.

Occupational Trends

Information on occupation employment and unemployment rates and overall occupational group trends.