Labour Market Information

Nova Scotia Labour Force Survey

Details on the latest Labour Force Survey statistics for Nova Scotia.

LFS Impact of Covid-19

Labour Force Survey data on the impact of Covid-19 on Nova Scotia's labour market.

Job Vacancy & Wage Survey

Details on the latest Job Vacancy & Wage Survey statistics for Nova Scotia.

Median Income

Data on the top 5 highest and lowest occupations by median income and by industry in Nova Scotia

Skills in Demand

Information on the top 10 hard skills, soft skills, and credentials in demand by industry.


Statistics on overall employment including breakdowns by age, gender, and employment type.


Information on the unemployment rate with breakdowns by age, location of study, and number of employment assistance recipients.


Details on regional population, employment, and unemployment.


Information on Industry and occupation employment and unemployment rates and overall sector trends.

Labour Force

Statistics covering the age distribution of the labour force and associated participation rates.

Hiring Demand

Data on total job postings and job postings by occupation.

Diversity Groups

Statistics covering visible minority and immigrant diversity groups.

Persons With Disabilities

Employment data specific to persons with disabilities.

Wages and Benefits

Wage data by sector, gender, province, and union status.

Education and Training

Information on the impact of education level on employment and wages.

Labour Market Outlook

Short-term and long-term labour market outlook.

Labour Productivity

Data measuring how efficiently goods and services are produced.

Literacy & Numeracy

Information on the impact of literacy and numeracy skills on employment and wages.