Direct-Entry Apprenticeship

Direct entry apprenticeship visual

You can start an apprenticeship with little or no trade experience! If you can find an employer who is willing to hire and train you as an apprentice, you can start to earn money and learn the skills of your chosen career right away. You do not need to take a college or other trades-training program before registering as an apprentice.

Example: Jane finishes high school and immediately finds an employer who agrees to register her as an Automotive Service Technician (AST) apprentice. The employer will ensure that Jane works under the supervision of a certified journeyperson who will teach her the skills of her trade. Typically, Jane will work and train on-the-job for about one year before going to school to attend apprenticeship technical training (about 6 to 8 weeks per year). As AST is a four-year trade, Jane will repeat this cycle of workplace and in-school training for four levels.