Pre-Apprenticeship Entry into Apprenticeship

Pre-apprenticeship program pathway visual

Many employers want to hire people who already have some basic knowledge and skills in a trade. Pre-employment training programs are geared to provide their students with entry-level, job-ready skills to help them find a job in their chosen trade. These programs are typically taught in both a classroom and in-school shop setting (e.g., full-time college program). You do NOT need an employer to attend this type of training.

Completing a pre-employment program may make it easier for you to find an employer who will hire and register you as an apprentice. Many pre-employment programs are approved by the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency, which gives graduates credit towards completion of an apprenticeship program.

Example: John attends an approved pre-employment Automotive Service Technician (AST) program. Upon graduation he finds an employer who is willing to hire and register him as an AST apprentice. John will have to complete the same requirements as Jane in the Direct-entry example above; however, he may be eligible to receive an initial credit of hours and possible exemption from the first level of technical training (or approval to challenge the level exam).