Job Vacancy & Wage Survey

Job Vacancy & Wage Survey, 1st Quarter in 2021: Nova Scotia Highlights

With health measures to curb COVID pandemic still largely in place, this quarter experienced a small decrease in payroll employment and job vacancies. Average hourly wages offered rose as demand for low-wage jobs was dampened by economic shutdowns.

12,780 job vacancies in 2021 Q1

  • Job vacancies in 2021 Q1 in Nova Scotia increased by 2,615 (+25.7%) compared to a year ago.

  • The average offered hourly wage is $20.7, increased by $0.8/hr (+4.0%) from last quarter. Compared to a year ago, it rose by $1.75/hr (+9.2%).

    • During the last quarter, all economic regions experienced rising average hourly wage, led by Halifax (+13.6%) and North Shore (+10.8%).

charts depicting wage rate by region and wage rate by education level.

  • Job vacancy rate, the number of job vacancies expressed as a percentage of labour demand (the sum of occupied and vacant jobs), stay virtually the same in 2021 Q1 (3.2%).

Nova Scotia Job Vacancy & Wage Rate Update, 2021 Q1

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