Job Vacancy & Wage Survey

Job Vacancy & Wage Survey, 3rd Quarter in 2019: Nova Scotia Highlights

This quarter, Nova Scotia’s labour market growth shows both an increase in payroll employment and job vacancies. Average hourly wages offered for job vacancies are lower than last quarter.

13,435 job vacancies in 2019 Q3

  • Job vacancies in 2019 Q3 in Nova Scotia increased by 1,875 (+16.2%) compared to a year ago.

  • The average offered hourly wage is $17.65, decreased by $0.35/hr (-1.9%) from last quarter. Compared to a year ago, it decreased slightly by $0.05/hr (-0.3%).

    • During the last quarter, Halifax and Southern region experienced $1.00/hr (-5.3%) and $1.40/hr drop (-7.9%) in offered hourly wage. This was partially offset by the wage rise in North Shore ($0.8/hr, +5.1%) and Annapolis Valley ($1.15/hr, +6.8%). Cape Breton’s offered hourly wage rose by $0.15/hr (+0.8%) on average.

Hourly wages and levels of education

  • Job vacancy rate, the number of job vacancies expressed as a percentage of labour demand (the sum of occupied and vacant jobs), remained at 3.2% in 2019 Q3.

Nova Scotia Job Vacancy & Wage Rate Update, 2019 Q3

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